Larissa, 28 – Participant

Multimedia has empowered the old ways of doing business. A significant number of growing people revolving all over the internet which is the best way to reach them out for whatever purpose it may serve you. Thanks for the University of Technology of Sydney graduate, Peter Lakovica in conjunction with the Entourage Diploma of Business and the Innovation Australia scheme I discovered that I could change the way we do business for the good.
I have been doing a cosmetic beauty product business for over five years now and fortunately, it’s still growing. In partnership with some local but well known bridal shops, I’m able to generate number of leads every single day.
On top of that, I also participate in some major events monthly to advertise the beauty products I am representing. I then started texting and emailing women to offer free cosmetic pampering and make up tutorials that can be divided into three different sessions.  Interested parties confirms the booking on a certain date and time and I was able to retain these consumers and more to come by reminding them of their appointments regularly at least and by following up on them if they prefer any special requests such as the kind of makeup that would fit with their skin type and etc., So far, I am very happy with the result and the significant increase with the number of loyal customers I have.