1.Technology for Tree Removal
One of the highlighted content of the event would be about how to remove trees using today’s technology. Unlike the traditional way of removing trees that seems to be a very hard job to do; the event would be thoroughly discussing proper ways and techniques of trimming and removing trees. With the Victorian Government’s Parks Victoria Sustainability program director and Total Tree Care’s pruning consultant trained at the USQ Toowoomba Campus.
The newly developed technology to remove a tree has its way to estimate any size of a single tree without measuring it manually any longer and make sure it’s neat and clean after stumps removal.
2.Technology for Roofing
Another interesting topic to be pointed out is about roofing technology from Hats4Houses. The discussion would highlight the new changes of the roofing system.  The new technology system has the ability to present roofing parts virtually in real time manner. Imaging process would go through a special designed estimating tool and can just be sent directly to the interested parties. These are just few examples that would be tackled on the actual event.