Call for Papers

As part of MMM2012 event which will be held on July 21, 2012 at Melbourne Central Arena. Participants are encouraged to participate in an innovative essay competition that at least contains no less than 2000 words.
Topic of Interest:
A technology you would like to develop.
“A technology you would like to develop” is a topic that is shared by many people with different views of what this means. With today’s evolving technology that plays a great role in everyone’s lives, the topic aims to provide practitioners, researchers and new learners an idea of how the world would be in the next few years.
For the success of this upcoming event, a timely submission of this competition is crucial. All participants should submit their final piece on or before the details listed below.
July 14, 2012
Competition Prize:
All papers submitted and accepted would go through an evaluation process and winners would be officially announced on the day of the event.  There will be five consolation prizes of $3,000 and the final winner would receive $10,000.
The criteria for the evaluation would reflect based on:
• Originality of ideas.
• Clarity of presentation
• Thoroughness
MMM2012 is looking forward to receiving proposals with regards to the competition and would be very happy to respond to inquiries from interested participants.