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If we are to look back of how things were done decades ago and how it rapidly shifted over the years from analogue to digital, it’s surprisingly different. Multimedia has been invented back in the year 1965 but it has been improving and getting better over time. Australia and the Australian society have slowly shifted to the multimedia industry since the year 1985 until the present. Since then, it has been proven to have helped many and more people enhance their knowledge and learning skills with the use of multimedia resources.
In addition to that, multimedia is also now being embraced on all levels of education. In conjunction with the University of Melbourne, the Award Winning Go1 LMS and Learning Site and the Victorian Government e learning initiative.
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There is a lot of learning an individual can get out of multimedia which will be all pointed out by many of our successful guest speakers from all over the world demonstrating the whole process of how it really works on the upcoming MMM2012 event. The event will be tackling about a lot of interesting topics of which participants might have never given the opportunity to see including some effective collaboration techniques on how to enhance your skills, the impact and importance of multimedia for the present and in the future, great discussions to explore and effectively increase areas of your learning you never thought you have with the use of today’s multimedia resources and many more.
In addition to that, the said event which is Australia’s biggest multimedia event which happens yearly also offers a complete series of tools and the necessary expertise which would be very accessible for all the attendees. The event has also a lot of exciting exercises everyone would truly enjoy while learning at the same time. In participation of many successful business owners, CEO’s, academia’s, etc., trying to bring the world in just one huge event and make it a successful one.